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Tips for Making a Fine Cup of Tea
1. Our tea varieties come equipt with some general recommendations.
2. Keep in mind that these are only merely suggestions based on our experiences and ultimately half the fun of enjoying tea is discovering your favourite recipe and personal taste.
3. That having been said, the simple guideline for making tea:
whenever possible, always steep tea in boiling water. The exception is GREEN TEA, however, where the water should be brought to a boil and then allowed to cool down, so as not to fry the subtle earthy features. 
4. A rule of thumb for our caffeine-containing GABA teas: a steep of up to 1-3 minutes has an energy-boosting effect -- Over 3 mins will produce a more relaxing effect.
5. After the tea has steeped to taste, it should be transferred into a pre-heated teapot.
6. GABA Oolong Teas & GABA Green Teas can be re-steeped many times and with each infusion, new flavours are unlocked.
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