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Value Teas: Delicious tea at an unbeatable price.

We’re here to offer you that delicious tea experience at prices that make you smile.


because Tea that saves you cents simply makes sense.


Sip Like Royalty, Save Like a Commoner.

Royally Good, Commonly Priced.


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Farooq Afzal

I've had an excellent experience with them, offering some of the finest tea selections of high quality. Their customer service is outstanding, and if they don't have a particular product, they go the extra mile to connect you with the right sources. Highly recommended

Nikolay Ignatyev

By far the best herbal mixes I've come upon and I am not a novice to the tea world. I had a pleasure not only enjoy this company's tea blends and have them as my supplier, but also a pleasure of direct communication with Drasko, the owner. He is an amazing human being and that is reflected fully in the way things are handled in this company

Jana D

If you’re looking for good quality tea that warms your heart, you’ve landed on the right shop. I have ordered many different teas after falling in love with their milk oolong and I truly couldn’t be any happier. The variety is mind blowing, the taste is 100% natural and delicious, the quality is top notch, and the owners are absolutely lovely.

Craig Cormack

I have been drinking the different oolong Gaba teas for over a month and I have noticed a significant difference in my health. I am more relaxed, I sleep better and dream the most vivid dreams. These teas are amazing!

"Faboulous Teas!"

"Their selection is growing and their tea quality is second to none! My colleagues are adoring fans of the teas I share with them, especially Cream of Earl Grey"

Victoria Barkley - Customer

"My Friends Love Drinking Tea at My Place Now"

"My favorite teas are the Oolong teas and the Masala chai tea. Also, their customer service is stellar, and my friends love drinking tea at my place now. Highly-recommended."

Ajani Charles - Customer

"This Will Be a Mainstay for Sure!"

"Just sitting down with a cup of the roasted oolong and had to say something. Wow! this is an incredibly rich oolong. lots of complexity. This will be a mainstay for sure!"

Mark Zurawinski - Customer