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Brewing Up Toronto's Favorite Tea Experiences with Drasko Saban

Greetings, I'm Drasko Saban, a serial entrepreneur with a passion for sourcing the best tea on the planet and sharing it with everyone!

Between 2015 and 2017, I co-owned and operated one of Toronto's most iconic tea establishments, Bampot House of Tea. We were the go-to place for tea lovers in the city, serving up an impressive array of over 200 unique tea blends. During those two years, we brewed and served an astonishing 2 million pots of tea to the tea connoisseurs of Toronto.

Needless to say, I've gained an intimate understanding of the discerning tastes of Toronto's tea enthusiasts.

Value Teas is Born

During our time running Bampot House of Tea, my wife and I noticed something many tea enthusiasts were unhappy about. Loose-leaf tea had become very expensive, mainly because of all the fancy packaging it came in. This got us thinking: What if we used our knowledge from running the tea house to create a tea brand that offered the best teas while also being ethical and promoting a simpler way of enjoying tea?Think of it like this: Imagine the wisdom of Marcus Aurelius, a famous philosopher, blending with the boldness of Robert Fortune, the man who secretly brought tea plants out of China and spread tea cultivation to over 80 countries worldwide. These two inspiring figures influenced our idea of enjoying tea in a simpler and more thoughtful way, shaping our company's values and philosophy.


Lisa Yarn

Working with Drasko has been a PLEASURE! Amazing and friendly well as very high grade tea which my customers...and I personally cannot get enough of! Highly recommended!

Mylinh Transcend

Drasko is a very professional, knowledgable and compassionate human. His friendly nature and guidance has helped everything come to fruition. Not to mention the tea blends are so fresh and aromatic, and TASTES amazing!

Kyra Bingham

Drasko is an incredible tea dealer. I first met him at a market downtown and I have been a loyal customer ever since. Makes great suggestions, incredible selection and some of the best teas ive ever tasted (especially the oolong!).